What is Bioactive Placenta Peptide?

The placenta plays a vital role during the development and growth of life, providing an important source of oxygen, nutrients and protection for the fetus. The key to youth and vitality lies in the ability of our cells to repair, metabolise and protect themselves. 

Many studies have proven that the remarkable results of placenta therapy are the revitalisation of the body’s immune system and defence mechanisms to combat ageing. Cells that make up various tissues and organs are damaged due to natural ageing and other external factors, causing the body becomes vulnerable to both external invasion and internal degeneration. These damages may be contained through revitalisation and regeneration with placenta therapy.

Le Ageless Cell Essentials is a potent cellular rejuvenating nutrition containing pure Bioactive Placenta Peptides from stringently selected quality porcine sources in Japan and produced by leading placenta life sciences corporation in Japan, a forerunner in cell rejuvenation technology since 1973.

This all-natural anti-ageing innovation adopts a proprietary cold process, multi-enzymatic degradation technology to retain up to 99% of active compounds, without altering its biological content whilst eliminating all impurities.

Enhanced with premium German Collagen Peptides and Brewer’s Yeast, Le Ageless’s youth-enhancing formula is a wholesome supplementation with healing properties that enable the body quickly repair and rejuvenate ageing and damaged tissues; restoring youth and vitality inside and out. It helps renew, reactivate, revitalise and rejuvenate the body for unprecedented wellness and vitality.

High Potency, Superior Efficacy

Le Ageless possesses various powerful Bioactive Collagen Peptides, which promote cell activation, to rejuvenate and repair body cells for better health and youthful looks. Along with the benefits of German Collagen Peptides and Brewer’s Yeast, it promises lasting youth-revitalising effects from inside out.

High Quality and Safety Assurance

Le Ageless is produced by the leader and innovator in anti-ageing technology since 1973. 100% natural porcine placenta are stringently sourced from high quality & hygiene management farms in Japan. The quality of ingredients are in total compliant with the quality standard of placenta food stipulated by Japan Health & Food Authority. Le Ageless is 100% free of additives, hormones, synthetic colouring and flavourings.

High Purity and Superior Technology

Superior in its bioavailability, Le Ageless delivers unmatched strength in cellular regeneration. The proprietary Bioactive Placenta Peptides are derived using a specialised cold process, multi-enzymatic degradation and nanofiltration technology. It is uniquely high in bioactive content, pure and free of all impurities, chemicals and hormones.