Satisfied Users of Placenta Extract

” I have been using Le Revital and taking Le Ageless since early 2019. I am in my mid 40s and I’ve started noticing obvious skin sagging and uneven skin tone.
From the 1st application of Le Revital, the tightening of my skin is immediate and obvious. It is not oily so it goes very well before serum and moisturizer. My makeup stays longer too. After taking Le Ageless, my body feels less tired. After years of trying out serums which claim effectiveness, I am happy to have finally
found one that is really showing results.”

Gloria Khoo,, mid 40s, Singapore

“ In early 2019, I had to have my uterus fallopian tubes and cervix removed because of a health diagnosis. I used to have flawless skin, but due to
hormonal chanes, I had a bad outbreak a few months later, and my weight started fluctuating.
I have tried mutiple products but it didn’t help. Amazingly, with Le Ageless, my skin got better and is now under control. I am on my 3rd box now! ”

Desrina Goh,, late 30s, Singapore

“Consecutive pregnancy and breastfeeding over my motherhood years unknowingly put a toll on my physical and mental health. At only age 36, I am feeling very lethargic. Simple housechores left me breathless and no amount of rest seems enough. I love the vitality and stamina Le Ageless gave me. My mental agility has been restored! Le Ageless helps me regain back my body, physique and womanly curves. With a firmer body, I embrace my bikini babe title without any insecurity.”

Seraphina Genesis,, late 30s, Singapore

“The itch is completely gone and the redness have subsided”

Shirley Tay,, 50, Singapore

” This serum is something you’d expect to find at a high-end medispa or dematalogist office. It’s made to help speed cell repair in damaged skin. If you’re recovering from any type of laser treatment or peel, this will help speed recovery. It’s also effective at targeting dark spots and acne scars. It helps improve collagen production. You get four vials. You should use an entire vial within a week after opening it. Apply it twice daily or more often as needed. I highly recommend this product.”

Antoinette, , Feb 2020

” I’ve never expected to achieve results like this! My skin is smooth and firm, and my large pores seemed to have tightened. My friends are surprised to see my complexion improve so much. “

Ruth Chew SL,, 49

“I’m really impressed with the combined results of Le Ageless and Le Revital. My skin is clearer and fairer by a shade. My open pores are also visibly more refined.”

Sherry Ng,, 47

“After 2 weeks of using Le Ageless and Le Revital, my skin is smoother, pores are refined and pigmentation has lightened.”

Chef Anna Phua, , Singapore