Frequently Asked Questions:

Unlike other skin care products that have a lower percentage of active ingredients but high percentage of aromatic ingredients and preservatives to make it smell good and feel good, Le Revital is a highly concentrated skin nourishment serum, containing 98% concentrated Bioactive Placenta Peptides and Umbilical Extract, which works synergistically to improve skin conditions at cellular level.  It contains no fragrance, colouring, silicon, lanolin, mineral oil, surfactants or phenoxyethanol.

Le Revital’s nano-sized nutrients allow fast absorption, directly into the treated area. Apply day and night daily before using other skin care products for the best results. After cleansing, apply Le Revital, which is followed by your usual moisturizer and/or day/night cream.

Individual results may vary, depending on skin conditions. Generally, one can observe significant skin improvements within the first week. The improvements include moisturised, firmer and brighter skin, smoother skin texture, lightened pigmentation, more even skin tone and less visible pores. To achieve the best results, please complement with Le Ageless, an oral nutritional supplement.

Immediately after you stop applying Le Revital or taking Le Ageless, you could still observe the beneficial effects. Nonetheless, the effects may not last long. After stopping for a certain period of time, the cells may become less effective in their repair, regenerative and rejuvenative capability, which in turn would cause the skin to lose its tone and radiance. As aging is a continuous process, long term usage is highly recommended for optimal results.

Yes. In addition to high cost, placenta injection may cause side effects in certain individuals. It has to be done under close supervision of a medical practitioner. On the other hand, Le Revital and Le Ageless are highly safe and more cost effective. Most importantly, they can deliver results that are comparable to placenta injection. Hence, Le Revital and Le Ageless are suitable for everyone and long-term usage could lead to continuous improvement on skin and health.