Le Ageless Testimonials

When I was in Japan, I took a sheep placenta supplement at a clinic I’d never thought of finding out more: what kind of sheep, and what percentag of it was placenta.

I found Le Ageless and realized how I was choosing a supplement irresponsibly. I thought that all of placenta is good. After taking Le Ageless daily, people often tell me: ” Your skin is white and beautiful”, “How do you care for your hair?”, “Why are you always so healhy?”

I am 40 years old this year, and the oldest model at a recent big fashion show with 100 models. Le Ageless is a safe and effective placenta that L, Mrs Singapore Globe 2019, Miss Universe Japan 2000 and Beauty & Wellness Coach admit.

– Yuko Chan, 40, Mrs Singapore Globe 2019

In early 2019, I had to have my uterus fallopian tubes and cervix removed because of a health diagnosis. I used to have flawless skin, but due to hormonal chanes, I had a bad outbreak a few months later, and my weight started fluctuating.

I have tried mutiple products but it didn’t help. Amazingly, with Le Ageless, my skin got better and is now under control. I am on my 3rd box now!

– Desrina Goh, late 30, Singapore

Consecutive pregnancy and Breastfeeding over my motherhood years, unknowingly put a toll on my physical and mental health. At only age 36, I am
feeling very lethargic. Simple househores left me breathless and no amount of rest seems enough.

I love the vitality and stamina Le Ageless gave me. My mental agility has been restored! Le Ageless helps me to regain back my body pysique with womenly
cures. With a firmer body, I embrace back my bikini babe title without any insecurity.

– Seraphine Genesis, late 30s, Singapore

I have been using Le Revital and taking Le Ageless since early 2019. I am in my mid 40s and I’ve started noticing obvious skin sagging and uneven skin tone. From the 1st application of Le Revital, the tightening of my skin is immediate and obvious. It is not oily so it goes very well before serum and moisturizer. My makeup stays longer too. After taking Le Ageless, my body feels less tired. After years of trying out serums which claim effectiveness, I am happy to have finally found one that is really showing results.

– Gloria Khoo, mid 40s, Singapore

I’ve seen a marked improvement of stamina and not as tired after a walk or run. The all natural ingredients with no useless fillers are in pill form. I’ve already checked with my doctor and got the Ok. It’s even helping my skins patchy blemishes, they are becoming less prominent and I love that. It’s working well for me. Four Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!

– Gimmar Vogtmann, USA

This serum is something you’d expect to find at a high-end medispa or dematalogist office. It’s made to help speed cell repair in damaged skin. If you’re recovering from any type of laser treatment or peel, this will help speed recovery. It’s also effective at targeting dark spots and acne scars. It helps improve collagen production. You get four vials. You should use an entire vial within a week after opening it. Apply it twice daily or more often as needed. I highly recommend this product.

– Antoinette, Feb 2020

There is a significant improvement on those reddish patches on my waist. In just 2 weeks, the itch is completely gone and the redness have subsided. Both areas are no longer rough to touch and they are certainly on the road to recovery.

– Shirley Tay, 50

My hot flushes had reduced and I had more energy at work. My sleep quality is also better than before.

– Renna Wong, 40s, Singapore

My skin feels firmer, fairer and more radiant too.

– Nina Teoh, 50s, Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions:

Most placenta supplements sold in the market are raw powdered form, encased in capsules with indications such as 30, 50 or 100 times concentration. This does not define the bioactive content and efficacy of the supplement and is only the value of the final weight of each capsule. The true safety and efficacy of a placenta supplement is determined by (a) the thorough extraction of bioactive contents and (b) the filtration of impurities out of the placenta. The science behind the superiority of Le Ageless to other placenta products is its state-of-the-art cold process, multi-enzymatic degradation & nanofiltration technology which retains more than 99% bioactive contents within the placenta, while removing all impurities, chemicals and hormones. It is manufactured by leading placenta life
sciences corporation in Japan, using premium, stringently selected porcine placenta from Japan.

Placenta from plant (obtained from plant pistils) and fish (harvested from salmon ovarian membrane) do not contain growth factors, the powerful and vital youth-enhancing ingredients that are present only in mammal placentas. Tests for both deer and sheep placentas revealed less bioactive contents compared to placental extract used in Le Ageless. Furthermore, deer, sheep, plant and marine placenta do not comply with the standards of Japan Health Food Association (JHFA). Horse placenta, if bred and treated according to the regulatory standards of JHFA, is a good source of placenta protein. However, it may not be compatible with the body disposition of all users; some people may experience effects such as acne outbreak and heatiness.

Ageing is a continuous process. If you stop the Le Ageless nutrition or Le Revital application, the beneficial effects will continue but not for the long term. After a period of time, your cellular mechanism may become less efficient in its repair and regeneration capability, this makes you susceptible to sickness and your skin may lose its tone and radiance. Le Ageless Cell Essentials and Le Revital Intense Cell Activator help you enhance cellular health so you can feel healthy internally and youthful externally. Long-term consumption or usage is recommended for optimal effects.

Yes. Le Ageless is formulated with only natural ingredients. It is suitable for all ages from youth to elderly and safe for long-term consumption.

Yes. Porcine placenta is similar to the human placenta which has long been consumed by mothers for their postpartum care. Porcine placenta is just as potent in its healing properties for cell renewal and is the first source of mammal placenta approved for used in Japan.

Growth factors are not growth hormones. They are a naturally occurring protein in the placenta and body which promote cell activation and stimulate cell renewal, repair and regeneration for complete wellness and rejuvenation. The growth factors present in Le Ageless and Le Revital are safe and suitable for consumption by all ages and have no side effects. Both products are free of harmful growth hormone.

Both products have their benefits, but to achieve optimum results for complete healing and rejuvenation of organs and skin, we recommend that you combine both products to improve the overall results. This combined treatment is the same formula used by prestigious anti-ageing clinics in Japan.

Yes. Placenta injection may trigger sensitive rejection in certain individuals. It has to be supervised by a medical practitioner and is very expensive, only the wealthy can afford it. Le Ageless and Le Revital are just as effective in achieving the results of placenta injection, yet it is cost effective and safe with virtually no risk. It is suitable for every individual and good for long-term consumption and application.

There are no known side effects. Le Ageless is an all-natural supplement, formulated with Bioactive Placenta Peptides, German Collagen Peptides and Brewer’s Yeast. It is free of fillers, binders, hormones, chemicals, preservatives, wheat, gluten, milk derivatives, artificial colouring and flavouring. Every batch of Le Ageless has gone through stringent tests before it is being marketed.

Yes. Le Ageless helps improve men’s age-related health functions including libido, lowered metabolism, loss of muscle and saggy skin.