Le Ageless and Benefits

Le Ageless is an unrivalled cellular rejuvenating nutrition with superior bioavailability and the market’s unprecedented Bioactive Placenta Peptides to rejuvenate your body from within. Developed in Japan by the leader in Nano placenta technology, Le Ageless’ Cell Rejuvenating Therapy combines the amazing properties of superior Bioactive Placenta Peptides, premium German Collagen Peptides and Brewer’s Yeast to give your body a complete rejuvenation beyond the skin. Experience renewed vitality from inside out as every cell in your body reactivates, renews and revitalises to defy the signs of time.

The key to youth and vitality is the ability of the body cells in renewing, repairing and regulating themselves. Studies have shown remarkable effects of placenta peptides in fighting the signs of ageing. They are proven to awaken and revitalise cells, strengthen immunity and help restore balance and radiance.

Le Ageless Cell Essentials is a potent cellular rejuvenating nutrition for renewed youth and vitality. It contains a highly concentrated blend of Bioactive Placenta Peptides, amino acids and other precious nutrients, harvested from pedigree porcine in Japan and infused with premium brewer’s yeast and collagen peptides.

Combining the best of technology and nature’s miracle gift, it rejuvenates and helps repair body cells, awakens anti-ageing factors and promotes collagen production to restore youth and vigour.

Le Ageless is developed by Japan’s leading placenta life sciences corporation, a forerunner with a strong heritage in placenta peptide cell rejuvenation technology.
Produced under stringent quality control and safety standards, it is trusted by leading anti-ageing medical practitioners in Japan.