The Secret to Ageing Gracefully

We all love the confidence boost makeup gives. But the much desired youthful aura is not only skin deep. Beyond the skin surface, we need to nourish the body internally as well. Feeling good on the inside and outside is the best recipe for self-empowerment. We are not concealing, but rather, enhancing!
Take control of the signs of ageing in your body – fatigue, low energy levels, sagging skin and imbalanced hormonal levels. Discover the secret of shaving years off your fatigued body, regaining youth and vitality through the healing powers of Bioactive Placenta Peptide. Experience rejuvenation inside out like never before, for better health, beauty and vitality.

Common Problems that Surface with Age

Difficulty Sleeping

Mood Swings

Age Spots, Wrinkles

Saggy Body

Le Ageless

Nano Placenta Cell Rejuvenation

Le Ageless Cell Essentials is a potent cellular rejuvenating nutrition containing pure Bioactive Placenta Peptides from stringently selected quality porcine sources in Japan and produced by leading placenta life sciences corporation in Japan, a forerunner in cell rejuvenation technology since 1973.

This all-natural anti-ageing innovation adopts a proprietary cold process, multi-enzymatic degradation technology to retain up to 99% of active compounds, without altering its biological content whilst eliminating all impurities.

Enhanced with premium German Collagen Peptides and Brewer’s Yeast, Le Ageless’s youth-enhancing formula is a wholesome supplementation with healing properties that enable the body quickly repair and rejuvenate ageing and damaged tissues; restoring youth and vitality inside and out. It helps renew, reactivate, revitalize and rejuvenate the body for unprecedented wellness and vitality.

The Incredible Benefits of Le Ageless

Boost Energy & Stamina

Healthy Nervous System

Good Skin Health

Healthy Hair Growth

Healthy Joints

Hormonal Balance

Better Sleep Quality

High Potency, Superior Efficacy

Le Ageless possesses various powerful Bioactive Collagen Peptides, which promote cell activation, to rejuvenate and repair body cells for better health and youthful looks. Along with the benefits of German Collagen Peptides and Brewer’s Yeast, it promises lasting youth-revitalising effects from inside out.

High Quality and Safety Assurance

Le Ageless is produced by the leader and innovator in anti-ageing technology since 1973. 100% natural porcine placenta are stringently sourced from high quality & hygiene management farms in Japan. The quality of ingredients are in total compliant with the quality standard of placenta food stipulated by Japan Health & Food Authority. Le Ageless is 100% free of additives, hormones, synthetic colouring and flavourings.

High Purity and Superior Technology

Superior in its bioavailability, Le Ageless delivers unmatched strength in cellular regeneration. The proprietary Bioactive Placenta Peptides are derived using a specialised cold process, multi-enzymatic degradation and nanofiltration technology. It is uniquely high in bioactive content, pure and free of all impurities, chemicals and hormones.

Satisfied Users of Placenta Extract

“When I wasi n Japan, I took a sheep placenta supplement at a clinic. I’d never thought of finding out more. What kind of sheep and what percentage of it was placenta. I found Le Ageless and realized how I was choosing a supplement irresponsibly. I thought that all placenta is good. After taking Le Ageless daily, people often tell me “your skin is white and beautiful” “how do you care for your hair?”

“why are you always so healthy”I am 40 years old this year, tand the oldest model at a recent big fashion show with 100 models. Le Ageless is a safe and effective placenta that I, Mrs Singapore Globe 2019, Miss Universe Japan 2000 and Beauty & Wellness Coach admit.”

Yuko Chan, 40, Mrs Singapore Globe 2019

“In early 2019, I had to have my uterus, fallopian tubes and cervix removed because of a health diagnosis. I used to have flawless skin, but due to hormonal changes, I had a bad outbreak a few months later and my weight started fluctuating. I have tried multiple products, but it didn’t help. Amazingly, with Le Ageless, my skin got better and is now under control. I am on my 3 rd box now!”

Desrina Goh, late 30s Singapore

“I am in my mid 40s and saggy skin and uneven skin tone is beginning to be more obvious. However, on first application of the cell Activator, the tightening of my skin is immediate and obvious. It is not oily so it goes very well before serum and moisturizer. My makeup stay longer too. After taking le ageless, my body feels less tired. After years of trying out serum which claims effectiveness, I am happy to have finally found one that is really showing results.”

Gloria Khoo, mid 40s, Singapore

“Consecutive pregnancy and breastfeeding over my motherhood years unknowingly put a toll on my physical and mental health. At only age 36, I am feeling very lethargic. Simple housechores left me breathless and no amount of rest seems enough. I love the vitality and stamina Le Ageless gave me. My mental agility has been restored! Le Ageless helps me regain back my body, physique and womanly curves. With a firmer body, I embrace my bikini babe title without any insecurity.”

Seraphina Genesis, late 30s Singapore

“My skin feels firmer, fairer and more radiant too.”

Nina Teo, 50s, Singapore

“My hot flushes have reduced and I have more energy at work. My sleep quality is also better than before.”

Renna Wong, 40s, Singapore

“The itch is completely gone and the redness have subsided”

Shirley Tay, 50, Singapore

“I feel more energetic and alert.”

Ken Liew, late 40s, Singapore

“After 2 weeks of using Le Ageless and Le Revital, my skin is smoother, pores are refined and pigmentation has lightened.” 

Chef Anna Phua, , Singapore