Le Ageless

Total Rejuvenation to the Desired You

The synergistic effects of Placenta Extract (incl. Bioactive Placenta Peptides), German Collagen Peptides and Brewer’s Yeast in Le Ageless deliver total youth-revitalising effects, making you look young and feel even young. As age catches up on us, concerns varying from beauty and health also starts to come along. Subtle signs begin to creep in quietly at around the age of 30 and by 40, signs such as fatigue, low energy levels, sagging skin, imbalance hormones become more obvious. Environmental stress, busy working lifestyle, unhealthy diet also further speed up the natural ageing process, causing harm to our health.

Active Ingredients in 4 capsules

680 mg

Porcine Placenta Extract (incl. Bioactive Collagen Peptides) 


German Collagen (Porcine) Peptides 

280 mg

Brewer’s Yeast 

1. Placenta Extract – The Miracle Youth-enhancing Ingredient

Mammal placentas are nature’s miracle gift for anti-ageing. Containing rich Bioactive Placenta Peptides, growth factors, antioxidants, antibodies, vitamins, minerals and other nourishing nutrients, they possess healing properties that help the body repair and rejuvenate ageing and damaged tissues; restoring youth and vitality inside and out.

  • Comprised >99% bioactive content
  • Extracted from stringently selected quality porcine sources from Japan; the first placenta source approved for use in Japan
  • Pure bioactive contents using specialised cold-process, multi-enzymatic degradation and nanofiltration technology
  • Free of all impurities, chemicals and hormones
  • Nano-sized placenta for better absorption rate

2. German Collagen Peptides – The Fountain of Youth

Collagen makes up around 30% of our total body protein. It is the primary structural component of skin, comprising about 80% of its dry weight. German Collagen Peptides stimulate skin fibroblast cells in dermis layer to increase skin collagen production. This helps offset the loss of cartilage via aging and environmental factors. 

  • Ultra-small collagen peptides work synergistically with Placenta Extract to stimulate collagen production
  • Improve skin elasticity and reduce depth of wrinkles
  • Support firmer skin and radiant appearance 

3. Brewer’s Yeast – Nutritional Yeast with Magnificent Benefits

Brewer’s yeast is a type of yeast produced as a by-product of beer brewing. It is the dried, deactivated cells of fungus Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This natural yeast is regularly used in alternative medicine to support digestive health and to treat different health conditions, such as cold, flu, diarrhea and diabetes. 

  • A rich source of B-complex vitamins, glucose tolerance factor (GTF) (bioactive form of chromium), protein and minerals
  • Help break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins which provide energy for the body
  • Support healthy skin, hair, liver and nervous system
  • Support healthy digestion to assist the absorption of Placenta Extract and German Collagen Peptides

Note: Le Ageless does not contain fillers, binders, hormones, preservatives, wheat, gluten, milk derivatives, artificial colouring or flavouring.

Other ingredients include Gelatin, Cacao Pigment.