LABO Nutrition

The Best or Nothing

LABO Nutrition is a premium Singapore brand introduced in 2015 to meet the needs of changing lifestyles. It is dedicated to the research and development of superior, scientifically-supported dietary supplements, aimed at improving the quality of daily life. Backed by patents and extensive studies, our products are produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. With our commitment to the best quality and safety standards, consumers can expect only the best, or nothing at all.

Superior quality

Product quality is not an option, but an obligation to our consumers. Combining science and innovative technology with the finest, natural ingredients sourced from around the world; harvested and extracted under stringent conditions, we conduct extensive safety and quality assurance tests on every batch of raw ingredients, right up to the finished products.

Functional formulas with proven results

Aligned with our mission to change and improve lives, we put our heart and soul into developing supplements of high potency and efficacy. Immense tests and  research ensure the formulations are functional and effective before they are rolled out in the market.


LABO Nutrition products are backed by a panel of international scientists and researchers, leading mycologists and nutritionists; tapping on their expertise to extensively research, formulate and independently test all the products for optimum efficacy and safety.